Requirements for goods and photos

Rules for publishing goods on Gemarket

What items can be sold

On Gemarket you can sell goods of any category presented on the site. If the category for your products is not in the list – ask us to add this category.

Pay special attention

If, for example, your product card contains a product of a certain brand (for example, a Samsung smartphone), but at the same time you delivered a non-original product (replica) to the buyer, then your seller account will be permanently blocked.

Product name and description

Please note that the title and description for your products must be written in ENGLISH. This is important for the site to have an automatic page translation system for users who speak different languages (English, Georgian, Russian). 

If you do not have a product name and description in English, please use the online translator. For example, Google Translate. However, remember that we use English as the primary language for all information on the website.

Product image requirements

It is very important that it is easy and convenient to choose purchases at Gemarket. In order to maintain design consistency, we ask that you include photos for 1:1 aspect ratio products with a white or neutral light background.

Image size

You can add product images with a maximum size of 1 MB per image. 

If you need help with the selection of images for your products or you need to take high-quality photos of your products – contact us, we will help you individually.

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